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Why Certified Naturally Grown?

We chose to become certified through CNG because they are tthhere for the family farmer that wants to provide truly natural food.  We never use chemicals or GMOs. You'll find all of our products are grown using Certified Naturally Grown practices.

We found that unlike the certification for Organic the registration process was understandable for the common person and so, much easier. We believe in being completely honest about our products and services, so when we say no chemicals ever used we mean we never use chemicals to raise our livestock and produce.


Certified Naturally Grown is a standard of organic that goes beyond the requirements of organic. It is one of peer review annually. Farmers and beekeepers work together and in harmony with nature to provide a healthy environment and food for others. With peer review we can gain insight from other farmers living a chemical free life.  


For more information see www.cngfarming.org

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Hayes Farms

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Phone: 231 796-1247
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Market Hours 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time Mon-Friday; 9am to 2 pm Saturday; Closed Sunday

What's Fresh in the Garden?

Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week-to-week, season-to-season.

For more information on Certified Naturally Grown please go to 



Refund Policy

Hayes Farms strives to provide the best quality meat, live animals, and produce possible. Since all of our products are perishable we strive to make sure it is delivered in the best condition. We do not accept returns. We sell all of our products on a no return, no refund basis. 

All customers can call and speak to us about their purchase. We do want to have satisfied customers so please call us with comments, suggestions, or complaints. 

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