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HAYES FARMS Certified Naturally Grown Beef, Boer Goats, Chicken, and Produce

The Best Naturally Pasture Raised Beef, goats, chickens, and Organically Grown Produce at the Best Price.
Hayes Farms is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, locally grown and harvested produce for a great price in the Big Rapids area. Our food is not only fresher and tastes better, but by buying locally you are supporting the local economy and reducing the amount of energy used in transportation. We invite you to visit us and discover a new way to buy produce, meats and animals. No chemicals are ever used on our plants or land. We also use onlyGenetically Modified Organism (GMO) free seeds and plants. We use certified organic seeds and grains when necessary. All of our animals are fed non-Gmo feeds that we raise ourselves or certified organic when we run out.

Summer 2016 off to a good start I just love starting plants and watching them grow

Hayes Farms has become a local center for a wide variety of all natural chemical free produce, ranging from  vegetables to Beef products and home-made jams. Our products are all produced using organic practices. Only the best of our harvest is sold.

We also raise Boer Meat Goats and hair sheep. We will have market ready goats and lambs later this summer.  Check out our Boer Goat page to see what animals we have for sale as well as our herd sires and dams.

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Hayes Farms

9193 Oak Ave


Paris, MI 49338


Phone: 231 796-1247
Email: hayescffarms@gmail.com


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Hayes Farms, Farms Organic, Paris, MI

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Market Hours 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time Mon-Friday; 9am to 2 pm Saturday; Closed Sunday

What's Fresh in the Garden?

Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week-to-week, season-to-season.

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Refund Policy

Hayes Farms strives to provide the best quality meat, live animals, and produce possible. Since all of our products are perishable we strive to make sure it is delivered in the best condition. We do not accept returns. We sell all of our products on a no return, no refund basis. 

All customers can call and speak to us about their purchase. We do want to have satisfied customers so please call us with comments, suggestions, or complaints. 

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